Precision Drawn Shaped Materials
Only Bright Bar India can offer such quality because all our options are under one roof


Manufactures Custom Tight-Tolerance
Shaped bright bars for Precision Components


BRIGHT BAR INDIA supplies precision cold shapes adhering to tight tolerances. BRIGHT BAR INDIA specialize in prototype development and in medium-to-high precision production runs.   

BRIGHT BAR INDIA offer expert engineering and die making, and produce precision shapes from a broad range of materials, including bearing steel, low carbon steel, high carbon steel, stainless steel,  alloys steel, copper, brass and any grade and material. Product can be delivered in coils, reels, straightened bars or finished cut pieces.


BRIGHT BAR INDIA offers a practical, cost-effective alternative to machining and powdered metal components. BRIGHT BAR INDIA are an ideal choice where requirements for dimensional accuracy are most stringent, and where "near-net" or various shapes are required.


BRIGHT BAR INDIA reputation as the producer of the finest quality cold-drawn quality wire & Bars of sections…….in India is well known throughout the engineering industry. It has been said that BRIGHT BAR INDIA is not so much a cold-drawn quality wire & bars of sections as annealing is also versatile enough to be able to anneal a range of steel from the lowest carbon mild steel for jewelry saw frame to high-carbon alloys for machine keys and letter punches.

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